Healthy Senior Meal Package - 1 Month


Healthy Senior Meal Package - 1 Month

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The key aspect to senior health is proper nutrition! As our bodies age and change, our diet should change with them to maintain optimal health. Our senior meals include smaller portions for lower calorie requirements, ample protein to preserve muscle tissues, healthy fats and cooking oils and no added sodium for a healthy heart and blood pressure. Plus our meats and vegetables are all pre-cut to ensure easy consumption.

*** In-person or phone consultations available upon request for seniors who need assistance ordering. Please e-mail or or call 559-708-8389 (habla espanol)***

You create your own combinations of protein, veggie and carbs for each meal, or you can choose to substitute package meals with Signature Menu dishes if you wish, at no additional cost!

*portion sizes are determined by general recommended guidelines, and may not be appropriate for every person to produce desired results. 

~ 3 oz protein

~ 2 oz complex carbs

~ 3 oz veggies

*** For delivery, please select the 'Monthly Package Delivery' option at checkout. 

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