1. Scroll down and click the drop down menu for the quantity of meals you want per week. Then click the add to cart button.

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2. A pop-up menu will appear where you choose your favorite foods in each category (Proteins, Veggies, Carbs). Pick as many as you like. This is just in case we’re running short and need to substitute your first choice.

Step 2 final.jpg

Step 3 final.jpg

3. Once you go through each category, scroll down to create your meals. Only make selections for the amount of meals that you ordered weekly in your package. Leave the remaining meal options blank if any.

4. You also have the choice to substitute a meal with one of our Signature Menu Meals. You can also leave special instructions or requests at the bottom of the form.

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Step 5 final.jpg

5. Click the add to cart button.

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6. Once you click the button, your shopping cart and the dollar amount will appear in the upper right area of the window. Click on the button to go to the shopping cart to pay.

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7. The shopping cart will show you exactly what you are purchasing and when you’re ready, you can go to checkout.

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8. Follow each of the five steps.

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9. Step 1: will ask for your email so we can send you a receipt and you’ll have a chance to subscribe to our newsletter.

Please note if you purchased from us in the past and created an account, you can sign in on this step.

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10. Step 2: will ask for your address, phone number, and if you want to pick up or meals or have it delivered which are under the “Shipping Options” section.

Please note that if you chose to pick up your meals you will still need to add your address and phone number. The website builder we use, Squarespace, won’t let us change this option.

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11. Step 3: will ask for any additional information like if someone referred you to us or if you have special directions.

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12. Step 4: will ask for your payment information by either credit card or PayPal. This is also the place where you can add a discount code if you have one.

Please note all transactions are secure and encrypted.

Step 13 final.jpg

13. Step 5 will ask you to review your cart and click “Purchase” to buy your meals. Then you are good to go!