5 Flavor-Packed Meat Marinades

This month is all about boosting flavor for your meal preps! One of the best ways to ensure a lot of flavor is to marinate your meats! But store-bought marinades can be full of preservatives, dyes, and other questionable ingredients. That's why I think it's best to make your own marinades at home. I prefer to marinate my meats overnight to really lock in the flavor, but usually 2-3 hours will be sufficient. There is a really simple formula to follow when creating marinades, and you can get really creative with the flavor combination while sticking to the guidelines. Here is the secret formula I use when making most of my marinades:

¼ cup of fat  + 2 Tbsp acid  + 1-2 tsp flavor  + 1-2 tsp herbs (or 2nd flavor) + salt & pepper

Here are my top 5 marinates, using the formula above, to try out for your next meal prep session: 

Give these great recipes a try or experiment with different flavors to create your own marinade recipes! The flavor combinations are endless! If you enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for more flavor tips next week, and click the link below to subscribe.